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Sweet Home Manga Summary: A Short Review

“Sweet Home” is a manga from South Korea that was written by Kim Carnby and drawn by Hwang Young-chan. This dark fantasy horror story was published in parts on the Naver Webtoon website from 2017 to 2021. “Sweet Home” captured fans all over the world with its exciting story and stunning artwork, which led to a famous Netflix version.

Act 1: Descent into Chaos

The main character of the manga comic sweet home is Cha Hyun-soo, a timid high school student who feels guilty and sad about the death of his family. Hyun-soo thinks about killing himself because of his past, but he decides to stay in his apartment building for a while longer instead. Soon, a mysterious event called “The Apocalypse” will happen, turning people into “monsters.”

Act 2: Fight for Survival

Hyun-soo and the other people who are still alive in his apartment complex must work together to stay alive as chaos spreads around the world. Each character is deeply flawed and has their own personal problems. Together, they have to face not only the risks that the beasts offer but also their own problems and painful pasts.

Act 3: The Darkness Within

The people who made it out quickly figured out that the creatures were not the only thing that could hurt them. A bad force called the “Shadow” shows up. It makes people’s bad feelings and wants stronger, making them even more dangerous enemies. In order to get rid of the Shadow’s power, the heroes must face their own fears and make hard choices.

Act 4: Redemption and Sacrifice

As the story goes on, Hyun-soo learns that he has power and a purpose, even though he doesn’t want to be a leader. He learns to trust other people and finds hope in the middle of his despair. The survivors go on a journey to find a safe place to stay. Along the way, they face many challenges, make sacrifices, and suffer terrible deaths.

Act 5: The Final Confrontation

In the last act, Hyun-soo and the other people who have managed to stay alive are put to the ultimate test. They have to find out where the Apocalypse and the Shadow came from in order to figure out why these terrible things are happening. As people make compromises and test their relationships, the future of all people hangs in the balance.


Sweet Home” is an interesting manhwa that looks at life, forgiveness, and how strong the human spirit is. The series sends readers on an emotional roller coaster by exploring the darker parts of the human mind. It does this by telling complex stories and showing stunning pictures. “Sweet Home” has become a well-known horror story that makes people think about what people are really like and how far they will go to stay alive.

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