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Your Guide to Staying Safe Online

Imagine social media as a giant playground, buzzing with exciting adventures and tons of new friends. But just like any awesome playground, it’s important to know how to stay safe while you’re having fun. Let’s learn some secret tricks to keep ourselves secure on these fun websites!

Squad Up with Privacy Settings

Think of your privacy settings as your personal fortress. You get to decide who can see your cool treehouse (profile) and who stays outside. Here’s how you can make your fortress strong:

  • Private Party: Make your profile “private” so only your trusted friends can see your posts and pictures. That way, strangers can’t peek in and take screenshots.
  • Who’s on the guest list? Review your friend list regularly and remove anyone you don’t know or trust. Remember, not everyone online is who they seem!
  • Say Cheese?: Be careful about the pictures you share. Think twice before posting anything that reveals your location, like your school or home. Remember, those funny faces might make you laugh now, but you might not find them so funny later.

Password! The Secret Code to Your Fortress

Imagine your password as the super-duper key to your fortress. Choose a strong one that’s hard to guess, like a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and even symbols like @#&$! Don’t tell anyone your password, not even your best friend! Think of it like your secret superhero phrase only you know it.

Stranger Danger Online

Just like you wouldn’t talk to a stranger on the playground, be cautious about online interactions. Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know, and never share personal information like your address or phone number. Remember, if something feels weird or uncomfortable, tell your parents or a trusted adult. They’re your superhero sidekicks, always ready to help.

Think before you post, Super Sleuth!

Social media is like a megaphone whatever you say, everyone can hear! Before you post anything, ask yourself, “Would I be okay with everyone at school seeing this?” If the answer is no, reconsider! Remember, the internet is like a giant memory box, and once something is out there, it can be hard to get it back.

Super Duper Sharing

Sometimes, we want to share cool temporary phone number things with our friends online. That’s great! But remember, not everything needs to be posted. Think twice before sharing personal details like your birthday, family names, or vacation plans. Be selective about what you share, and keep the cool stuff for your squad in person!

Beware of phishing! Bait for Bad Guys

Phishing tricks are like yummy-looking worms on a fishing hook; they might seem fun, but they’re traps set by bad guys online. These traps can look like messages from friends, games, or even official websites. But if something feels fishy, it probably is. Don’t click on suspicious links or download anything from strangers. Remember, real friends and websites wouldn’t try to trick you.

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